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Wow...shocking but I like it.

I was just thinking Roman would be commissioner and Hope would get his job as commander while Bo got demoted. I didn't see this coming.

Yes, it requires some suspending of disbelief but it's not that out there. First off, Hope has come and go from the force so she has accumulated time. Plus, I think what this is about is they don't want a Brady getting the job. Yes, Hope is married to Bo but she's one who is smart and has no controversy surrounding her. As by the book as Roman is, how many times has he bent the rules for Marlena? I think Hope is trusted more as far as judgment. She won't just act and be consumed by her emotions. I also have to wonder if this is a calculated move, perhaps on Stefano's part. It was said that this mayor is power-hungry and Stefano does know people who pull strings. I have to wonder if maybe Stefano arranged this to cause trouble with Bo and Hope and maybe even cause tension with Hope and Roman. He may want to tear the Brady's apart from the inside and maybe even use those tensions as a distraction so he can fulfill his other plans.

It's been said alot how Hope is the smartest person at the PD so I guess this is a good choice :laugh: .
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