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I've only had one grandmother my whole life. My father never really knew his. My maternal grandmother is very ill and she hooked me on Days in the 80's and even supplied me with tapes of some stuff from the late 70's and from 1980-1983 so I could catch up. I was so interested in it that I wanted to see more. She always taped the show since she worked and we would watch together constantly. She adored Frances Reid. Her and I would always talk about Days, even when we couldn't watch together. Now, it's hard because she's so sick that she can't watch and is having trouble talking so we can't share anymore. In alot of ways, my grandmother is why I love this shwo so much and maybe why I defend it so much. So many special memories.

Now that I've rambled needlessly (tough night, sorry), I've always thought of Frances Reid as being my second grandmother. She reminds me alot of my grandmother. Frances is known to curse in real life and the character of Alice is feisty and so goes my grandmother. They both have the same loving nature despite that. My grandmother was big on family and so is the character of Alice Horton. So many similarities.

Alice Horton and Frances Reid are such an important part of my life that anytime I see her, it's special. I hope she remains well and that we see her whenever she is able.
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