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Nicole's happiness over reconciling with EJ is short-lived this week, when Bo and Hope force her to admit the truth about Trent: She's still married to him!

"At this point, the situation with EJ is so second fiddle," says Arianne Zucker (Nicole). "Now that the truth is out about Trent, Nicole could lose everything - her whole divorce settlement from Victor."

But before Nicole faces the possibility of being left penniless, she and EJ face off about what she did to Sami. Namely, calling the cops on her. "Nicole says she was just helping out the law," recounts Zucker. "Sami was about to do something illegal and abduct her daughter."

EJ agrees Sami is out of control, and the conversation turns to Nicole's predicament with Trent. "EJ suggests Nicole take all her money and leave for some island," notes Zucker. "Nicole says, 'Why would I go so some island when I have no one to share it with? I'd be bored out of my mind.'"

The pair go back and forth as EJ assumes Nicole would like to share her island paradise with him. "They play that game of, 'she wants him, he wants her,' but no one is going to come out and say it," explains Zucker. "It's a beat-around-the-bush conversation."

EJ finally admits the idea of running off with Nicole is tempting, but he can't leave Salem, since his son is there. However, the twosome do discuss going on a date. "EJ and Nicole have never had one. All they've had are encounters," points out Zucker, who's character is truly touched by the prospect. "With the exception of Eric, Nicole has never experienced anything like this."

Nicole bliss over her potential date with EJ quickly dissipates when she runs into Bo and Hope, who begin questioning her about Trent.

"Nicole's definitely hesitant. She doesn't admit anything by choice," notes Zucker. "But Bo and Hope tell her they've investigated, and know Trent married (porn star Misty Circle). Nicole ends up explaining everything, that she married Trent under (that alias), the marriage turned ugly, and she left. She was young and dumb and just assumed Trent filed for divorce, but he never did."

With her big secret out, and to Victor's son, no less - Nicole realizes she's in huge trouble. "Nicole spent all that time with Victor, and now she might get nothing for it," sighs Zucker. "Who cares about dating EJ? Nicole may lose all her money!"

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