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Max and Melanie have it out with Trent this week, and both threaten to kill their slimy father. Darin Brooks gives us the low down on the big blow up.

SOW: Max finds his father in the Pub upon returning to Salem with Stephanie. What happens?

DB: Max sees red. Stephanie pleads with Max to leave. She doesn't want him to do something he'll regret. But Max walks in, goes over to Trent and punches him.

SOW: Is Trent stunned?

DB: Oh, yeah! He gets up and is like, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Max starts telling him that he met Trent's buddy Claude, and how he almost raped Melanie. Max delves into all of that.

SOW: Does Trent offer anything in his defense?

DB: Trent tries to lie about it, but (the truth) is written all over his face, and Max sees it. Max asks how Trent could do this to his own daughter.

SOW: Then Melanie shows up. How does she get into the mix?

DB: Stephanie is trying to stop Max from fighting with his father. Max tells her that this is between the two of them; him and his father. Melanie walks in with Nick, out of the blue, and says, "Don't you mean the three of us?" And she goes off on Trent and slaps him.

SOW: Max goes ballistic. What sets him off?

DB: Trent insults Max and Melanie. Then he starts grabbing at Melanie, trying to take her out of the Pub. Max goes over to the bar, smashes a bottle and puts it up to Trent's neck. He totally loses it and tells Trent, "You're a dead man." Trent doesn't think Max is going to kill him in front of all the people in the Pub. Max is like, "Want to bet?" I tried to play Max's deep frustration and hurt, like, "Why are you like this? Why can't you be the type of father that I always wanted and Melanie always wanted?" Hopefully, that comes through.

SOW: Steve and Kayla try to talk Max down. Then Caroline steps in and gets Max to stop. What does she say to him?

DB: That Max is not acting like the son she raised. Caroline tells Max his pop would be ashamed of him. That wakes Max up and he puts the bottle down.

SOW: Melanie lays into Trent next, saying he deserves to die, while Bo slams Max for his violent outburst. How does Max respond?

DB: Max says he should have killed the SOB when he had the chance. He tries to justify what he's done. Then Kayla steps in and says Bo is right. Max feels a little betrayed. This is his family and they're telling him he's doing something wrong. Max doesn't see it as wrong. He's standing up for what he believes in. He's doing what he needs to do for his safety and the safety of Melanie. Bo and Kayla just don't see how dangerous Trent is.

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