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Sep 11 2008, 10:47 AM
My first thought was if they are not writing Lexie/Abe off the show (the mentions for the special school, Abe throwing in his badge), then I thought of Rachel Melvin.

Kate is supposed to be ill, but then again, there's the spoilers for her marriage proposal from Steffy, and her potential relationship with Dan, I don't know - don't think it's her really.

Corday said that they are going to explore the chemistry between Dan and Kate, and hooking Nick up with Melanie (who is cheap, talent wise) would leave Chelsea out in the cold at this point. Considering that they keep having the men in her life sleep with her family members, it really doesn't feel like there's a lot of love for her. JMO.

Then another vet spec that I had concerned JKJ, and that Branco interview, where he says the show hasn't been talking to him about re-signing yet, they write off his love interest...I don't know.

I am in no way saying I want any of these actors to leave, but basically, between what I've read and what's been on screen, these are probably the shakiest at this point.

Very plausible, Ivy. We think alot alike....I think it's the Latina thang! :cheers:
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