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Sep 11 2008, 01:49 PM
Sep 11 2008, 01:30 PM

EJ doesn't think of Nicole as a gold digger because she wants to keep Victors money. He didn't judge her and tell her she should give the money back. Instead he kissed her on the head and thanked her for telling him the truth and offered to help her as a friend . Of course now they'll have to putt their date on hold because he's going to have to help her as her attorney, but it shouldn't take too long for him to fix things because I don't think her marriage to Trent was legal. Nicole married Trent under an alias. Find it and fix it EJ so Nicole can thank you properly. :smooch:

:rockon: EJOLE!

:huh1: I'm sorry are their spoilers or a leaked script you've been reading? This scenario that you refer to is not what Ari talked about in this interview. :laugh:

"Nicole's definitely hesitant. She doesn't admit anything by choice," notes Zucker. "But Bo and Hope tell her they've investigated, and know Trent married (porn star Misty Circle). Nicole ends up explaining everything, that she married Trent under (that alias), the marriage turned ugly, and she left. She was young and dumb and just assumed Trent filed for divorce, but he never did."

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