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Sep 11 2008, 01:28 PM
Sep 11 2008, 01:25 PM
Wasn't there a script posted a bit back about a friend of Brandon's hitting on Nicole at the java cafe?
Yes, Marc. I bet that is who they are talking about.
I mentioned this last week in the episode thread but Marc has already been casted it seems. The name of Theo's doctor was Marc. He appeared twice last week. That makes alot of sense too since Brandon was in pediatric counseling and so is this guy.

As for the tidbits, they sound good.

I'm all for Brandon returning and I would not mind Cedano. As Drew said, his chemistry with Ali was off the charts. He's not the best actor but he had moments where he was ok. I actually came to like Brandon more with time and I felt JER did his character the most justice, shockingly enough. He kind of developed him into a more mature version who didn't fly off the handle so much. I think Brandon could be what Sami needs. Hell, he was the only guy that never seemed to get "Austinized" and accepted her for who she was most of the time. I would not mind a recast. Certainly, there are better actors out there. Even if this is not for Brandon, I'm ok with it because the show needs diversity and I'm all for new blood. Hopefully, this time whoever it is can act and they can stick around. I'm sick of Days developing characters and then axing them. It almost feels like you wasted time getting invested in them.

The cast cuts blurb is nothing we didn't already know and the key is that a vet MAY go. It seems like something is holding that back or the show is indecisive, which tells me that whoever this vet is may be loved by everyone and either did something that has Corday and co wondering if they should keep them or maybe it's just they have to cut someone and targeted this person but are hesitant because this person is so beloved. If I didn't know any better, I would say this is Josh Taylor, We all know Corday would be hesitant about axing him. He did do it during the SSK days and it seemed to tear him up. However, I don't see Abe going. I think Steve and Kayla will go together if they ever do. I can see it being Kate and, in all honesty, it probably is her they are considering. I feel certain Ed saved her from being axed last year. Ed and her go way back and I think he vouched for her.

The character had no story at the time and even though she does now, her contract is up in January so it can all be tied up nicely and I tend to think whoever may be going has a contract up soon. I'm at the point where I wouldn't mind Kate going anymore. It bothered me last year but not anymore. It's nice to see her in story but the character is just not the same. She should be this glamorous businesswoman and instead she wanders around town and now has this Heath and Home shit. Not that I can't see that working for her but it takes some away from the character. No matter who is writing it just seems like Kate ends up in the same stuff...interfering with her kids, a couple side plots here and there and that's it. It may be time to cut the cord unless they finally decide to give her something fresh.

I can see Peggy McKay being it too. With Trent being murdered, she will likely be a suspect I would think. She has been used alot this year but I could see her being the murderer and going to jail for it. Then again, Victor would probably get her off somehow. It just seems like Victor/Caroline will never happen and Caroline is actively supporting so it's logical. I believe her contract was up a few months ago or is up soon so that may make her a prime candidate.

As I said, though, the only reason I throw Josh Taylor out there is because it seems like Days is hesitant and Corday would be hesitant in regards to him. Plus, Roman just got passed over at the PD in favor of Hope and Roman has no story to speak of so it's logical as well. My other theory I posted in the Kristen Renton thread and that one pertained to the 'so-called diva" being the vet on the bubble.

What shocks me is that Renton likely got axed last week. Her last airdate is October 3rd and we learned last Friday about her axing, which makes me wonder why the other actress fired hasn't been revealed yet. One would think if they were axed at the same time, and it is implied that it happened that way, why do we only know about Renton? I just find that weird and it makes me worry that we may lose more then one vet. Perhaps the second actress fired is a vet as well.

I'm not surprised if Tomlin wants more set usage. He does things on a large scale while Scott is simple. Scott wanted straight up realism and character-driven, which I can appreciate but most Days fans can't. Many Days fans can't stand to tune into the Y&R-style. As I've said, Days needs to be a mix of many elements in an effort to appease the most fans and Tomlin can do that. Scott can get away with fewer sets with his vision but Tomlin's vision is different. I think it will work out in a way because many fans have complained about the same sets being used over and over and there have been times where things took place in places they shouldn't. However, I forget who says this but it was said..."It's either sets or vets." A vet or two will have to go to allow for more sets and such so it all depends on what one sees as more important. I'm game for whatever the show thinks is best.

One thing that annoys me though is we go through these cast cuts only to have them all but negated after a few months. They may cut 2-3 people here but in a few months they will bring someone back or bring new people on. I mean, in this same article they talk about a casting call being out already. I mean, you cut a few people and already have a person being brought in. It's negating the purpose in a way.

On a positive note, I don't think all this would be happening to a show about to be cancelled. It seems like once the cuts are decided and made public, we will probably get a renewal announcement.
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