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Sharongate, bitches!


Someone brought this interview up on another board, it's an interview that Doug Davidson did in June, but somehow never got any notice until now.

The Victoria Rowell comments start about 55 minutes in.

The interviewer says, "Everyone wants Dru back."

Davidson replies, "Everyone would be a gross exaggeration, she (Victoria Rowell) made it very difficult for production to get work done. You know soap budgets are striking, so we have to get as much work done as easy and as fast as possible. With her there, that wasn't the case. Now we're able to do a lot more and do it a lot quicker."

He was as nice as possible about it and insinuated that everyone had to be team player in the current environment, but he didn't feel like Victoria Rowell was a team player.

Keep in mind that Paul was hardly in any scenes with Dru, Rowell's problems with production has to be the reason many behind the scenes people and castmates don't like her.
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