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Sep 11 2008, 10:19 AM
scary stuff! Michelle Stafford always struck me as a genuinely sweet woman - having a lot of class, being down to earth and not taking herself seriously. I think Vicky Rowell was LOOKING for a fight. It was just an acting choice... i mean on KRAMER vs KRAMER Dustin Hoffman slapped Meryl Streep across the face before a scene without her knowing, in order for them to generate the necessary vitriol in a scene. Maybe Vicky was pissed off that Michelle was on the Emmy ballot year after year?
I'm sorry but i can't believe that Stafford would behave like an immature bully... Vicky Rowell sounds really deluded and scarily self obsessed - zero modesty too. What's even more apparent are the two narrators of the live stream obviously intimidated by Rowell and sucking up to her... those long silences show the hosts obvious discomfort and inadequacy to debate why Rowell's behavior may seem a little bit self indulgent.

To shift the focus a bit, one cast member who i do feel was shafted was Kimberlin Brown, especially by Tracey Bregman, a vastly inferior costar who always likes to tell the magazines that "Sheila will NEVER return - i shot her."
While I don't know either woman personally, I've always enjoyed their acting. I've gotten a vibe before that VR is probably a little "difficult" backstage. But if an "acting choice" consisted of another performer hitting me or ESPECIALLY spitting on me, their next "choice" would be which hospital they wanted to be rushed to! I think Michelle Stafford spitting on Victoria Rowell, improv or no, is plenty of justification for VR's attitude towards MS!
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