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Sep 11 2008, 05:38 PM

The Victoria Rowell comments start about 55 minutes in.

Someone brought this interview up on another board, it's an interview that Doug did in June, but somehow never got any notice until now.

The interview says, "Everyone wants Dru back."

Davidson replies, "Everyone would be a gross exaggeration, she (Victoria Rowell) made it very difficult for production to get work done. You know soap budgets are striking, so we have to get as much work done as easy and as fast as possible. With her there, that wasn't the case. Now we're able to do a lot more and do it a lot quicker."

He was as nice as possible about it and insinuated that everyone had to be team player in the current environment, but he didn't feel like Victoria Rowell was a team player.

Keep in mind that Paul was hardly in any scenes with Dru, Rowell's problems with production has to be the reason many behind the scenes people and castmates don't like her.
Again, I have no doubt that VR is a talented but difficult actress. I believe DD and I think that the chances of VR returning are slim. I loved Drucilla and hated what LML did to the character before her "demise". But the show was number one long before Drucilla hit GC so there IS a bit of ego fed hyperbole in her suggesting she was responsible for the show being in first place. I was interrupted and couldn't get as far as the CK comments which don't sound like anything I'm going to enjoy. Making fun of her is DEFINITELY small and unprofessional. As far as Bergman goes, why is it any worse for Ms Rowell to make the schizo remark in response to his saying she wasn't playing with a full deck? Should she or could she have taken the high road? Maybe and her comment might have been a bit childish and "tit for tat". But I'm sure PB's remarks hurt, especially if the man was something of a friend. The fact that he bought a gift for her son implies that he was. If he was so worried about her mental state, why couldn't he have reached out in private instead of making provocative comments to the press?
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