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Sep 11 2008, 10:58 AM

:hail: Thanks Jonatha! BEST NEWS I've heard from DAYS in a long time! :rockon:
I love that EJ is tempted to get out of Salem and run off with Nicole. Notice he only mentioned his son as a reason to stay and NOT SAMI!

EJ and Nicole have the best on screen chemistry of any of the new couples so TPTB are making a wise choice moving them forward.

Does it surprise me that Nicole will focus on her desire to keep her settlement? No, because in Nicole's mind as long as she has money she has the power to control her own destiny and after all of the abuse she's suffered its no wonder.

:cheer: EJOLE!
I'm with you. I think EJ and Sami are pretty washed up, personally. They have a chance to start something new with Nicole. But, once again, I think sentiments for or against are running along "party lines", if you get my drift. ;)
I think Arianne Zucker has done an outstanding job of bringing out the layers of Nicole. And, why does it have to be "once a *******, always a ********?" That's just sad. Certainly, there have been other characters on Days who have had less than savory backgrounds, only to be redeemed. Well, take EJ for one! And, I think they've done a halfway decent job of redeeming Nicole, even if her priorities are still screwed up. It's an improvement.
Kudos to Ponz for her summation of money protecting Nicole from being abused by men. This character's past abuse isn't even being taken into consideration by some, and I say yay for them at least trying to write her rising above it.
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