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Q Steph
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Sep 11 2008, 10:42 AM
Okay...I am not dont listening, but I wanted to comment...

I definitely think she was punished for speaking her mind. I applaud her for speaking out of the inequity on “soap opera media” coverage for black actors. And the problems many black actors face with hair and make-up (she isnt the only blk actress to say this). If you sit-down and shut-up, change will never happen. I am not saying that she is a saint (and she does have a healthy Ego), but she has a lot of valid points....and I greatly appreciate her blunt honesty.
Your posts in this thread are akin to testimonials. I hope to one day exude the same confidence Victoria has in speaking her mind and not holding her tongue. I admire that she is advocating the issues that do go unheralded.

I still believe that, despite her sincerity, I can recognize that she may be a diva but she was a sweetheart to me when i met her.
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