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I'm so glad they're giving Marlena a backbone again. They could have easily wrote Marlena horribly. One path they could've taken was to continue writing Marlena as this pathetic wife pining for the man she once loved while he treats her like shit. They didn't though. She has now come to realize that John is not the man she loved and she's finds nothing attractive of the man he has become. She's standing up to him and telling him to get loss. Way to go!

The other way they could've written her has to do with Trent. When John attacked Trent, they could have had Marlena play the dumb woman in the middle, taking the side of the attacked, even though he instigated it. They didn't do that either. Instead, they had Marlena tell John off and once he's gone, she told Trent off as well, even threatened him herself.

Fierce Marlena is back!
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