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Captain Kirk

First off, well in the hell was Nicole's film noir fantasy shown in the previews for Monday? :shrug:

What is this, Marlena fierce and Sami slowly becoming Sami again all in the same week? Its a good start in the right direction, I will wait and see how long these two stay that way. However, my biggest pet peeve is when DAYS or any soap for that matter end a show with one SL and then just drop it the next episode or two. Either I totally missed it or DAYS never continued the ending of either Wed or Thurs show where Sami was suppose to hand Ali over. Did I miss something or did that just get totally dropped?

I swear I could watch Joe M read a phone book and be entertained, the man is a powerhouse and I couldn't be happier that Stefano and Kate seem to be getting paired now. Kate needs a powerful man, not an everyday boxtoxed cop, like Roman for example. Now Dr. godJonas is not needed

I didn't like Anna at first, but I have grown to like her a lot now. When she mouthed off to Kate, honey I know you have been in a dry spell lately, but Stefano?(something to that extent anyway) I was laughing my ass off, I hope Tony and Anna continue to get screen time.

I actually don't care if I ever see Steve or Kayla ever again and I hate saying that because I like SN a lot but its the truth. Payla can take their Bratz doll daughter and Pocket II right along with them as well.

I haven't read spoliers lately and I am not sure if that is why I am enjoying the show so much right now, but I thought DAYS was pretty darn good this week, at least after Monday's horrendous excuse for a show.
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