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Sep 12 2008, 06:40 PM
That makes you go, "Why did they get rid of Sabine anyway?" You know, that is what I hate about stunt casting just to prove a purpose, or just to get a ratings boost. ALTHOUGH, I would take Pelphrey on GH than Burton at the moment. Wow, I just went hypocritical.
They got rid of Sabine because Frons ALWAYS wanted RB back in the first place. Plus, many long-time viewers just didn't think of her as "Greenlee" and begged for RB's return. BUT, make no mistake, Rebecca came back only because of the strike. From what I heard, she did not intend to return at all and turned down TPTB several times. That's why she wouldn't agree to any more than a one-year contract. Frons and the other higher-ups knew that going in. They didn't care. They wanted her back under any terms that they could get her. However, they are probably pinning everything on new HW Charles Pratt's power of writing great SL to convince Rebecca to sign a longer term contract. We'll see, but I think she's out of there by the end of the year.
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