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This was a really great friday show...We had so many vets: Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Abe, Lexie, Tony, Anna, Kate, Stefano and even Nicole....Tony and Anna were a hoot, Stefano and Kate could potentially be dynamite together..And i agree Kirk, JM is fucking awesome...I'm so enjoying his current run...This Dimera story rocks...

Loved Marlena today..So glad she didn't fall for Trent's story...John's seizures intrigued me and i'm really looking forward to this Trent story wrapping up..Also Bo and Hope were hilarious when they found out Nicole was Trent's wife..

Also thank you Higley for actually making Abe and Lexie feel like they are important to the cast and not just the town doctor and police chief..While the autism story has its flaws, its so refreshing having Abe and Lexie in a frontburner storyline..They are long overdue..
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