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Catching up...

Thursday's episode was pretty solid. I liked the Victor/Philip talk and the way Victor learned about Daniel and Kate. He figured it out too but with alot of help from Philip. I liked the Victor/Kate scenes and I continue to like the buildup to Kate's illness. Philip/Morgan are finally on the right track and the show fires her. DUMB move. I adored their scenes and loved Morgan and Kate together. The tension and Kate's "brown nosing" comment was great.

The stuff with Nick and Melanie was adorable. The chemistry and acting were great and liked Chelsea seeing them. The Chick scene was alot of fun. Liked them catching up and Nick reveling in the fact that Chelsea saw him kiss Melanie.

I also. God help me, enjoyed Stax. They are tolerable when they are dealing with things and not just playing kissy-face. Max/Melanie and the end where she came in to say that she was going back with them was very good and I can't say enough how much the addition of Melanie has helped this story.

J&M were pretty good. The scenes were necessary and I liked the flashback to what Marlena said. That made her look awful because she did say that to John.

As for Friday, it as a wonderful Friday show. Lots of vets and movement.

The Dimera mansion scenes had to be the best. Tony and Anna were in rare form and were hilarious. Loved her snarky comments to Kate and Tony. Stefano and Kate are dynamite. LK and JM rock together. Loved the way their relationship was revisited and how the audience was reminded in bits and pieces of it, proving there is nothing random about it. I buy Stefano proposing to her. She's really his only option and I think he sees many of the same qualities in her that he did Marlena. She's strong, independent, all about family, and her ability to always rise from the ashes, as he said. Good stuff.

I also have to say...WELCOME BACK MARLENA EVANS!! This is the Marlena I want. Fierce and in control. Love how she treated Trent and loved her threatening him after John left. That is Marlena. Loved John/Nicole and John's seizure. The scenes played out well. As for Nicole, her getting sick wasn't very subtle LOL.

The police scenes were solid. Loving the buildup of frustration with Abe, Bo, and Hope and how they tied in the Theo story with Abe being upset. I'm so glad Abe and Lexie are getting the chance to shine. JR and RJ are great. Looking forward to seeing more of them and seeing her and him deal with their work problems too. Bo and Hope were adorable when they were waiting for which source would contact them first. Loved their reactions and the whole "Misty Circle" thing. Hope's reaction to Bo knowing that was hilarious.

This has been a solid week. Some things were off, like the fast forward and obvious re-write that brought us to the yacht stuff with Melanie on Tuesday and the way the Sami stuff as dropped after Wednesday but it seems like backstage upheaval at work. I have a feeling after about a week we will see a much tighter show.

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