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Sep 11 2008, 04:18 PM
I hate we still donīt know who the fired are. I really donīt want to get interesting in something only to discover itīs another story/character which will have no end because of the backstage struggle. On the other side, it couldnīt be more obvious all the insiders who informed SON and other sites about the major moves this year were connected to Ed. As soon as he is gone we are completely in dark again.

I don't think it has anything to do with Ed, specifically. Ed is actually quite secretive. Just look at how the Drake situation last Fall was handled and how things never seemed to come out that far in advance.

I think it's just things being hectic. The upheaval and changes is finally starting to affect the onscreen material and with a new EP coming in and other changes, I suspect the last thing on their minds is spoilers and announcing firings. Once things settle, we will see things return to normal. At that point, they can address everything involving any cuts.

I also get a suspicion they don't want the second actress revealed yet. Otherwise, we would know who it was as Renton's name is out there and we know that both actresses were seemingly fired together. Makes me wonder if they are afraid of backlash or if they want to delay dealing with the issue for whatever reason.
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