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Good stuff, Nelson.

I will be overjoyed if Burton leaves. I doubt it though. I think it's a ploy as well. I wish Burton, Wright, and Benard would all go. The show would benefit immensely without them creatively but who knows the affect ratings-wise as I think there would be one.

As for TP, I like him but I can't see him on GH for some reason. He doesn't fit for me, personally. I also wouldn't wish that show on him right now. He fits better on OLTL or AMC IMO, that is if we are only limiting this to ABC. I can see Frons wanting him though.

Can't wait to see KN on NS. Wish another daytime soap would scoop her up. She's a gem.

OLTL is just a mess right now IMO. I honestly feel like I'm watching Passions. The camp is way too much and Ron is almost blatantly ripping shit off. Yes, soaps recycle stories, sometimes even their own, but I don't even think I can count the number of stories or ideas that are his on more then one hand. I love Tea but these returns feel like gimmicks to make up for bad stories (and, let's be honest, most of the returns this year have sucked, much like most of the soaps returns in recent years). I feel like Ron is being pushed or maybe the ratings not going up in spring scared him to the point where he turned in this direction. It sucks IMO. It's too drastic considering how good it was in May and even June, despite some obvious flaws.

Y&R is indeed the best show on air right now. Hogan has done wonders over there, just as I thought he would. Glad ED is signed long-term and that it was just a secret. Her reaction was pretty funny. I still can't believe that Rowell interview. Damn. There had been rumors but wow. I don't see her ever returning after that.
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