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Monday, September 15th
Nicole and Philip commiserate at the pub; E.J. confronts Nicole about what she did to Sami; Chloe wonders whether Lucas still loves Sami; Lucas tells Chloe he no longer loves Sami but that they will always have a bond because of their children.

Tuesday, September 16th
Sami defends herself to Roman; Marlena tells Sami to grow up; Hope is stunned by Marlena's confession; Lexie explains to another mother why Theo changed schools; Anna urges Stefano to stop trying to get back at his children.

Wednesday, September 17th
Stefano throws a cocktail party at the mansion; E.J. tells Sami she is self-destructive; Stefano announces that Marlena is the guest of honor at his gathering; Lexie wonders if they are doing enough for Theo; Abe reassures Lexie.

Thursday, September 18th
Lexie must defend her performance to the hospital board; Daniel addresses the board in support of Lexie; Philip takes Kate to the hospital; the mayor wants a police scapegoat after the lockdown; Abe is determined to bring down Stefano.

Friday, September 19th
Lexie makes an impassioned speech to the board; Abe tells Lexie that he has resigned; Nicole explains to Bo and Hope how she married Trent; Philip calls Lucas to the hospital; Max rushes into the pub and punches Trent; Melanie threatens Trent.
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