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Sep 14 2008, 05:43 AM
Sep 13 2008, 08:14 PM
James and Renee deserve air time just like everyone else, and it's about time they had a decent s/l and aren't on the backburner for this s/l. :biggrin:
Yes but the rabid fans thinks that the only ones over 40 that should have their own stories are the supercouples.
Yep, which is another issue for Days. The show has become more about couples then drama. I have to laugh because a year ago fans were calling for balance and now we have it and characters like Abe and Lexie have story and they are complaining that their faves have no story or what have you. Just goes to show you...MOST (not all) fanbases are out for their own agenda. They will deny it to high heaven but it's true. They cry for balance and get it but hate to see their faves share the spotlight. Just look at how many complained about Abe and Lexie getting this story. I mean, they are vets too. Jim Reynolds has been with this show on and off since 1981 and RJ has played two characters and been here for nearly 2 decades but because they aren't a supercouple they aren't allowed? It seriously is downright disturbing. Yes, Corday and the writers deserve the blame but the selfish fans who worry more about their own damn agenda are killing soaps too. In order for Days and all soaps to survive, some of these fans will have to start looking at hat is best for the show AS A WHOLE and push for that. I don't see it ever happening but if some of these fans ever cared about the show, they will do it.

As for the spoilers, clearly we are heading into a transition. Toups mentioned it on SON and said Tomlin should be seen in credits this week. Monday reeks of a transition episode with some parts seemingly being cut. It sucks because Days can't afford stuff like that with the ratings the way they are but it's understandable considering the upheaval and they will save money only using a few characters and one set Monday. I think this week will be full of filler, flashbacks, and recap with some story movement so I would be prepared for that.

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