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This time I can't even hold on to that, unless I say it's Corday forcing Phloe on us, which I'm not sure is the case because I think he liked Broe better.

He did like Broe better. They even tried to get Kyle back when Nadia came back in November and it didn't pan out for them. Once that didn't happen they tied up Chloe's storyline with that horrific and totally out of left field, Brady is a drug addict twist. I still think the reason that they didn't recast Brady is because they are still holding out for Kyle to come back.

No doubt it mind that Renton has the potential and the look to be big after Days.

Of course she does PR. I was watching the reruns for this week on Soapnet and once again I was taken aback by how beautiful and talented this young woman is. She'll be fine, of that I have no doubt.
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