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Sep 13 2008, 11:40 PM
Sep 13 2008, 02:10 AM
I think it's more or less a humiliation thing. It reminds me of Belle's baptism when Stefano's mere presence forced Marlena to admit she had an affair right then and there, which humiliated her and showed that Marlena was no saint.
I was waiting for someone to bring that up, lol. This preview reminds me of that storyline only in that maybe Higley was mining past shows for storyline ideas and came up with this one. But that story was so well-written. Marlena's public confession was a confession to her husband as well, and she was shown for weeks, if not months, beforehand as incredibly fearful of the fact that someone would find out what had happened. She even had a bad dream about it, and she went to John to discuss things. John convinced her to keep quiet for her family's sake, but Marlena's terror continued to mount. Finally, Stefano showed up at the church and her bad dream became a reality, as she was forced to confess in front of not only her husband, but also her friends and extended family.

I'm sure whatever happens on next week's show will not bear much resemblance to that at all. The current writing is so shallow and the story so poorly developed that any confession that takes place will be pretty much meaningless. In addition to that, the line on Friday's show about "Trent is more dangerous than Stefano" shows me exactly what priority Higley is giving the Marlena-Stefano interaction. Marlena's confession in early '94 was the climax to almost a year's worth of well-written storyline; Marlena's confession next week will be a small plot point, as Higley continues to ruin yet another story which initally had so much potential.
I couldn't agree more.

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