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It pisses me off that Corday would rather try to get him back than someone like Eileen Davidson, Louise Sorel, Matt Ashford, or Christie Clark.

Mason, do you really want your favorite actors back on this show?? So that these inept writers can destroy their characters and write them into boring and senseless stories; stripping away all your enjoyment of them.

Matt Ashford back on this show???? After the way they constantly screwed him over....Never!! I love Jack and Jennifer together, and we know that Missy is not coming back. Apparently she's had enough of Corday's crap. So can you imagine what they would do if the brought back Jack alone??? Make a mockery of Jack and Jennifer's love and have him bed hopping all over Salem without even giving a thought to Jennifer. I'll pass on that one.

Christie Clark. Where would they put her??? In another boring triangle with her, Lucas and Sami?

I happen to adore the Broe storyline and even I, only want Kyle Lowder back for a limited run. Just long enough for Brady and Chloe to reconcile and off into the sunset with them. I've already seen how they have destroyed the character of Chloe and I shudder to think what more they would do to both Brady and Chloe if they had them on this show together for any length of time.
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