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Sep 13 2008, 05:36 PM
Frankly I'm sick of the show trying to recapture the 80s.
I don't think that the show is trying to recapture the 80's. For the past eight or nine years now Days has done the complete opposite of that. They threw out the formula that worked. I want to stress the world formula here, I'm not talking about individual characters or couples but about method. And opted instead to pursue their own agendas and visions and completely ignore what the audience wanted.

Days was around for fifteen or so years before the golden hayday of the 80's. It was a popular show, Ted Corday followed a strict formula and always considered what the audience wanted or thought first and that worked well for a very long time.

The new formula was to hire the most talentless hacks available. With a penchant for those recently fired for driving down the ratings on other shows. Flood the show with newbies and teens, the prettiest and most vapid underwear models around and then shove them down the audience's throat. Rewrite history at every turn, not just changing minor facts or dates around but entire histories obliterated. And one of Higley's favorites, let's give everybody their own boring story.

That's done wonders for the ratings hasn't it? Nine years of decline and people wonder why the fans pine for the good old Days. :shrug:
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