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Sep 15 2008, 02:24 PM
I don't have digital cable but I do have NBC Hi-def, but I don't think it works through Tivo. In other words, I think my Tivo records my "regular" station instead of the HD NBC. Am I just too dumb to figure this out and get an HD recording?

And now I finally get to use this emoticon: :hijacked:

I adore Philip, I love Nicole, and I enjoyed the noir the first time around, but it's no surprise that a discussion of HD TVs is more interesting than today's show!
Well Given I've found this out the hard way:

I currently am watching HD on my antenna because TV stations are broadcasting through old school antennas in HD now (weird huh?)

I can't watch it through my satellite as it's so old that they are upgrading that plus I have to get a new box (which should happen in the morning).

I do have a Tivo but it is not HD. You can upgrade to a new HD Tivo box but it is incompatible with DirecTV. (figures). I love Tivo so much I would consider switching to cable but good news is Tivo and DirecTV have made up and supposedly a new DirecTivo box is in the works but won't ship until late next year. (dammit)

But if I watch Tivo through the composite, it's pretty damn clear, even without it being HD yet.
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