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Sep 15 2008, 06:42 PM
^I did get the impression that Stephanie didn't want to go there when Chelsea brought up Melanie being a party girl.

I knew this would happen with Chelsea and I so don't look forward to her obnoxious bitch coming out where Melanie is concerned because she kissed Nick. I can't wait for Nick to move on from Chelsea...I love Nick and want to see him rock the romance, but NOT with Chelsea. She treated him like utter garbage, and I look forward to her green monster as long as Nick doesn't relent.
Nick/Melanie needs to happen before Chick.

Although with tomorrow's show with Dan and Nicole, it doesn't sound like Dan is ready to give up on Chelsea just yet.
I still have a hard time letting my Chick love go, in spite of the bad writing and certainly horrible treatment from Chelsea to Nick, I still love RM and BB together. However, it would take a lot for me to accept Chelsea back with Nick. She's gonna have to work for it and protecting him (or trying to) would be a start.

That said, I did see the Dan/Nicole scenes tomorrow. The man does need to shut about Chelsea but if you notice they still have him back off about saying he "loves" her. SC certainly seems to light up around anyone who isn't Chelsea. Really, the scene was more for Nicole I think to showcase how she isn't ready for children. *eyeroll*
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