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Sep 15 2008, 08:02 PM
Holy jesus, did they really just re-air that shit from several weeks ago? It's unthinkable they would do that when the ratings are getting so bad again. Suicide, really. WTF? If they were having BTS problems (nice excuse), why not air something from the '90s?
Because this was clearly sudden (the ending of the episode did move story in regards to EJ and Nicole) and you don't want to confuse people.

What they should've done is on Friday make note of the fact that today was basically a re-run. Either that or mention it at the start of the show or just have a complete re-run and not even bother with Nicole/Philip/EJ. That probably would've been the better bet. They packaged it as a new show by having the beginning Philip/Nicole scenes and the showdown at the end with Nicole/EJ. They should've just had the EJ/Nicole scene tomorrow and cut the Philip/Nicole stuff and just aired a re-run with the note that the show would return with new material tomorrow. That would've been better instead of fooling people and wasting their time. Not everyone has access to spoilers so they really played a game with people that could hurt them because now people will wonder what is going on. I don't mind them doing this, even though it's pretty stupid given the ratings, but they should inform people and should've just made it a total rerun.

Having said all that, Philip/Nicole were fun and I liked EJ/Nicole at the end. Tomorrow is a very good show though. Having already watched it, it was very cohesive and had alot of good story movement and interactions.
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