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Sep 15 2008, 04:59 PM
I don't think they listen to the fans at all. I think any mail or e-mails that they might receive from fans end right up in the circular file before ever having been read. I especially don't think Higley listens to the fans. I think she listens to the voices in her head.
Really? Then how do you explain the fact that the show changes gears everytime a rabid fanbase bitches about something?

If the J&M fans bitch loud enough, the story is dumped and the show goes with something else. Same goes for Bope and Stevr/Kayla. Just look back at the last ten years. It's happened every year, especially after 2004. Yes, Corday and the writers are to blame. They can do better but many fans are responsible too. They refuse to put the show before their own agenda and the show has to listen to these agenda-driven fans. There are just too many fans with different agendas and dislikes for the show to listen to and that is why I can actually see why the show becomes a mess at times. Even with a fantastic writer, the show would struggle because too many fans want different things and some would complain, Corday would act on that, and the show would dump everything and start again, bringing us back where we started. The show has become so damn watered down as a result of all this. The show just needs to try to produce something that has elements of what each fan wants and fans just have to understand that they won't get everything they want. They have to put the show's welfare before themselves and it should be no problem if one truly cares about the show.

Does that mean one should stop pushing for what they want? No. It just means that the show as a whole needs to be the focal point. It just can't about pleasing supercouple fans or character-driven fans or whatever. Fans just have to unite and present their ideas to TPTB in a way that is coherent and that also emphasizes what is best for the show as a whole rather then just emphasizing more love scenes for whatever couple or what only one fanbase would want. Fans can't afford to be selfish right now. Not everyone wants the same thing and no fan is more important then the other and until some fans understand that, the show is going to be in this neverending cycle right up until the show ends it's run.
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