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CDN TV Guide spoilers

Lexie visits her father; Caroline invites a forlorn Melanie to live at the pub; Melanie confronts Trent at the pub.

Abe wants Roman to take over his job as police commissioner; Marlena tells Anna about John's strange behavior.

John has a seizure while with Anna; Daniel wants Chelsea to move on, but she can't.

Trent shuts out his children; Claude threatens Trent and tells him to pay back his debt; Caroline arrives at the station worried about Max.

Kate tries to make amends with Chelsea, but Chelsea will hear nothing of it; Nicole tells EJ that she's come clean about her marriage to Trent.

Monday, September 29th
Nicole discovers she is pregnant; Bo arrests Caroline for Trent's murder and she is thrown in jail.

Tuesday, September 30th
Bo, Roman and Steve review Trent's murder case; Chelsea and Theo reunite at the hospital.

Wednesday, October 1st
Victor offers to help Caroline; Nicole makes a dinner date with EJ, hoping to tell him about her pregnancy; Sami finds out she's pregnant.

Thursday, October 2nd
Nicole confides in John; Kayla supports Max and encourages him not to give up on Melanie.

Friday, October 3rd
Morgan discovers Philip and Chloe kissing; Sami picks a fight with EJ.


National Enquirer spoilers

Week of 9/29

Nicole discovers she is pregnant.

Morgan walks in on Philip kissing Chloe.

Second Chances

**UPDATED 9/19**

Daily spoilers

Monday, September 22nd
Lexie confronts Stefano; Melanie tells her father she hates him; Max tries to support his sister; Caroline asks Trent to leave her pub; Nick reassures Melanie; Nicole worries, knowing Bo and Hope are aware of her marriage to Trent.

Tuesday, September 23rd
Abe urges Roman to take over as police commissioner; Bo says he is not interested in Abe's job; the mayor names Hope to the police commissioner's post; Stefano tells John they need to settle their differences; Marlena and Anna talk about John and Tony.

Wednesday, September 24th
Hope is uncertain about accepting the mayor's offer; Bo and Roman urge Hope to accept; John has a seizure; Kayla orders tests on John; Marlena believes John's trouble is caused by what Stefano did to him; Chelsea confronts Daniel.

Thursday, September 25th
Trent apologizes to his friend in France; Claude threatens Trent and warns him he must pay what he owes; Melanie refuses to help Trent; Chelsea tells Nick about Kate and Daniel; Bo and Roman worry that a DiMera associate will get Abe's job.

Friday, September 26th
Bob puts his name into consideration for the commissioner's job; Kate tries to make amends with Chelsea; Daniel tells Kate that he believes she has lung cancer; Nicole tells E.J. that the truth about her marriage is out; someone watches Caroline.


SNS Spoilers

From: SNS

Stephanie learns Trent's fate.
Max and Melanie suspect each other for murdering Trent.
Bo makes an arrest.

Chloe and Phillip flirt.
Morgan walks in them kissing.

Sami and EJ fight.

Nicole learns she's pregnant.

Kate gets a biopsy.

Daytime Dial spoilers
NEXT WEEK (9/29)

Nicole finds out that she is pregnant.

Theo has a breakthrough in his therapy session.

Max and Melanie suspect each other of murdering their father.

Abe contemplates running for Mayor.

Kayla replaces Lexie as Chief of Staff at the hospital.

Thursday Kate undergoes a biopsy to see if she has lung cancer.

Friday Morgan walks in on Philip kissing Chloe.


**UPDATED 9/27**

Daily spoilers

Monday, September 29th
Nicole finds out that she's pregnant; Daniel and Kate discuss the possibility of lung cancer; Chloe and Philip flirt; Bo arrests Caroline for Trent's murder; at the murder scene, the medical examiner finds a fiber that belongs to the killer.

Tuesday, September 30th
Bo, Roman and Steve review Trent's murder and discuss possible suspects; Melanie and Max accuse each other of murdering Trent; Chelsea and Theo reunite at the hospital; Sami faints when she finds out about Caroline's incarceration.

Wednesday, October 1st
Bo is tempted to cut corners to get Caroline out of jail; Melanie looks for Victor, hoping he will help find the real killer; Nicole tells E.J. she has something important to tell him; Sami discovers she is pregnant.

Thursday, October 2nd
Nicole tells John that she's pregnant; E.J. cuts his date with Nicole short when he finds out that Sami's in the hospital; Daniel is determined to help Kate through her lung biopsy; Bo and Roman question Caroline.

Friday, October 3rd
Sami fights with E.J. when she is unable to tell him that she's pregnant with his child; Nicole tells John that she will still tell E.J. about her pregnancy; Morgan returns from visiting her mother and catches Chloe and Philip kissing.

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