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One thing Dena has done is actively use Caroline. She's been featured more this year in MEANINGFUL ways then she has been in years. I love that she is involved and her holding the bloody knife could be a good Friday cliffhanger. I love the drama of Bo having to arrest her and with Hope as Commissioner, it really amps things up. I also suspect Victor will be involved too since Higley likes to use him and maybe his help with this will cool the tension between Victor and Caroline after what happened with Bo.

Maybe it will be Claude that did it but at least Trent is gone and things will be getting exciting. Caroline most likely didn't do it. I would be more inclined to believe she did if she wasn't the one caught with the knife. I have the suspicion maybe Max, Stephanie, or Melanie did it and they were distraught and Caroline took the knife and is covering for one of them. Then they can play this story as Caroline taking the fall and Max, Melanie, or Stephanie will be fighting her doing that. Could be a good story.

This sounds like a great week. I love this John stuff too and Marlena and Anna talking about. Glad Anna is so much more involved in things now.
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