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Sep 7 2008, 10:42 AM
Yeah and what does plastic surgery have to do with sex anyways?I don't know who on the show has had any,but I do know two that have NOT and that is Drake and Deidre,I can state with 100% certainty that Dee has NONE whatsoever,anyone that says otherwise is just jealous,I know people who have met Dee and they say in person you can tell she's had ZERO,just naturally gorgeous and I guess it makes some irritated and jealous,its called airbrushing people they do it for everyone,even men,wheather its on a magazine or tv,now some on DOOL may have had surgery and I have my suspicions who,but I could be wrong.

I want MAKING LOVE,not just sleazing pointless sex too..

Deidre not have any plastic surgeries? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh ma GAWD!! You are so0o hilarious!!! haha Deidre is like so0o beautiful but she has definetly had surgery. How old is she again? 70? I dunno but that's just funny. That's like saying Michael Jackson has NEVER ever EVER had a nose job. LMAO. I guess she just has a good doctor.

Oh and BTW before you even think that I'm jealous then your outta your mind. Just because people have different opinions about Dee doesn't mean they are jealous of her. I will admit to being jealous of Lauren Koslow though.
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