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Ughh so on today's CDN Stefano actually uttered the words to Anna, that he wanted a new heir and Kate could mother his child. W.T.F.?

I'm sorry, this is just hilarious. I hope Anna goes back and tells Kate, so we can have a good WTF face from her. I am not as opposed to this idea as some people ONLY because of the unintentional (or intentional, I'm not sure) humor that would arise from the situation but has the old man ever heard of a little something called menopause? !!!! If he wanted another child, shouldn't he try bangin', I don't know, someone younger?

Deidre does look good, but I highly doubt that it's all on her own considering pictures of her twin sister. Why does everyone automatically assume this is a form of slander? Who cares, if it's going to make you look better, then all the power to you. Hell, I want a nose job for my future broadcasting career!

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