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Then BD went on to say that AS is the Diva. That she has gone power mad. She handed him and NB a script that she supposedly had rewritten. BD said he looked at it and thought it was crap. That L__as wouldn't talk like this. He also said that his friendship with AS -- over. Has been for a very long time. All the lovey dovey talk in the press is 100% phony. AS is all about JS. She wants the E__mi storyline but is afraid of the fanbase reaction from the L__is.

Then he went on to insinuate something about AS and the head of NBC -- B___ something or other. He said AS one day had lunch with the guy and everything changed. She got the Biggest Loser and she also got a big head.

And then . . . yes, there's more. BD was quite the chatty Cathy, or Charlie. Anyway, he said that when JS first joined the show, he was ruthless and willing to run over anyone to get his way. Not too many on the set liked him. But soon that changed and JS started to change his attitude. BD claimed that JS also is being bossed around by AS (I find this hard to believe). Then BD started praising JS like crazy. Saying that he and JS talk about storylines, what would be good for the show. Talking like they are best buds on the show. The funny thing is, I didn't once see JS talk or hang out with BD. I saw JS talking to LK, NB, TP and BB, but not BD.
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