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I think they gave us yesterday so it's an obvious statement to say today was an improvement over Monday.

Dena continues with her random scenes with Dan/Nicole. Did they spark? Yes. Does this prove that SC can spark with anyone who isn't RM? Yes. Does that mean they should go with it? No. I prefer EJole and Date right now for sure but the scene was interesting. Maybe they can be platonic friends though I do wonder why Dan says they moved past the point of too personal. (Can someone fix SC's shirt choices? I keep thinking that was raided from SNL's closet, circa 1977 last worn by Steve Wild and Crazy Guy Martin).

Meanwhile, did anyone notice the other autistic kid that was in Theo's class was last name was Benson? I ask because that was the last name of Chelsea when she was adopted.

I liked the Lexie/EJ/Theo scenes and of course JS was adorable with young Theo, but sometimes it annoys me how everyone, especially the guys, seems to be so good with kids. And of course a person who doesn't LIKE children is an anvil to possibly being pregnant like Nicole.

Sami being furious on Lucas not being able to take care of Allie is annoying since we should have moved past this with the LAST custody hearing.

Tony and Anna was alright but the way the daily spoilers have been going, I'm shocked today's description didn't say "Stefano and Anna look over a photo album."
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