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Sep 16 2008, 08:01 PM
I had a personal revelation today which makes it much easier for me to understand Days of Our Lives in it's present incarnation. We have all been assuming that this woman, a Miss Higley, shares our hopes and wishes ie: that Days of Our Lives is renewed and continues to succeed. (lol) on some level. We cannot asume this! As a matter of fact, all of the evidence leads me to believe that quite the opposite is true. I believe, (which means nothing, I know) that she knows that she is finished in Daytime forever when this gig is over. She knows that this is her last run. What would a so-called normal person do? Try their hardest to prove to the nay-sayers that her history of failures was just bad luck and part of the business. I thought she would go all out to try to improve the show, not just for herself, but because she cared. Wrong answer. As we have been told before by people in the know, including actors and those who work with her, nothing could be further from the truth. She writes to please herself. She does not watch the show that she writes. Who does she think she is? She is on another plane of talent. Evidently, someone told her she was talented and she actually believed it. What a big mistake.
This woman should not be allowed to write menus for Denny's. I, as most of you can see the difference in the writing now that Ed Scott is gone and no longer has the opportunity to crush the lithium into her herbal tea.
Case in point, and only one of many. She so obviously hates Alison Sweeney, that she is punishing her. Both personally and professionally. I love Sammi in all of her glory, but now we are supposed to "hate her" because..........................Dena doesn't like her! Alison had the unmitigated gall to think that she knew something about her character. That will get you right on to Higley's shit list right away. Evidently, James Scott and Deidre Hall have committed the same offense. Mess with me as the head writer, and I will ruin your character right before your eyes. Lest you think I am predjudiced, she has ruined Lucas, too. Lucas used to love Sammi, remember? Now he can't stand her and he wants to play slap the bongos with Chloe. I guess he is a quitter. So let's see what we have. Everybody is down on Sammi, even E.J. and Lucas who have sworn to love her forever and do not care about her past transgressions. Marlena is a prune-face. Lexie is a forking bitch. Oops. She is an overburdened mother dealing with a lot of problems. My mistake. John has lost his wit and his edge. Stephano lives in the mansion and makes repetitive threats to his children that make no sense. He is once again reincarated as a buffoon villian. Everybody else is filler except, Nicole Walker.
Nicole Walker is wise. She gives great relationship advice. She gets to the heart of the matter with a well-placed question. She is friends with everybody in Salem! This is amazing! Nobody holds a grudge against this wise sage! Even Philip loves her! Chloe likes her even though she tried to kill off her face with flesh-eating bacteria! Just a little prank amongst friends. Victor tolerates her. Even though she tried to repeatedly murder him. Oh, the list goes on and on. But the psychology of it is simple. Dena Higley has projected herself into the character of Nicole Walker. Hot, but misunderstood, genuis who given enough time, could solve world hunger, straighten out everybody 's problems and bang back 17 martini's a day. Every woman's fantasy. I get it. That would be nice. But here is the down low, Higley. You have made the show so boring, that it may never recover. Your crush on the actress that plays Nicle Walker has become so evident that I am no longer the only person that sees it. You have no idea what the characters on the show are really about, nor do you care. It is now the Dena Higley train and if you don't like it you can jump off. Well, some may. But as it is difficult to get a job in show business, they may just hang together waiting for you to self-implode. The show is no so fucking bad that it is painful to watch. I don't think I have ever felt that way before. I read the spoilers and they are so mundane. Theo plays with his spoon in a restaurant, Abe fills up his car with gas and goes crazy, Kate coughs up blood and realizes that she may be a vampire or a dead woman walking depending on the hormonal fluctuation of Dena Higley. Guess What Higley? We are all tired of kissing your ass. Hopefullly Corday will find his balls and fire you. I doubt it, but you could have a nervous breakdown when you see the new ratings that, Guess What!!! You can't blame on Ed Scott! You back-stabbing wierdo. If you want to explore your sexuality at this (no offense) late stage of the game in you life, go ahead, who cares. I just wish you had fixated on Chloe, which would have made sense on some level, instead of the joke Nicole Walker that you chose to be the beacon of virtue, insight, warmth, redemption, wisdom, and morality. You have ignored history one too many times for me. this is my last post before you are fired. And I am not holding my breath.
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You are exaggerating slightly, but not by much. Days feels a lot like OLTL used to. It takes only a couple of episodes to know which characters Ms. Higley loves, who she hates.
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