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Well, luckily for me, I've always liked Nicole. There's not much about Dena Higley that makes me happy, but I do like the fact that Nicole seems to get a fair shake, although the writing for her sometimes stinks. Although superimposing her face over Blessed Teresa's is rather sacriligious.......Call me old fashioned. However, that is a flattering face picture of Ari.
I have to chuckle at those bitchin' about her being Dena's favorite. As if Dena Higley is the first writer to play favorites. Or the first Power that be, for that matter. If it was Sami or Marlena or another member of the "sacred" families, would this even be a topic of conversation? All things being equal, of course. (the drinking, the rough father background, etc.)
I'm still not thrilled about her being pregnant. I will have to agree with those who say it's lazy writing. Too predictable. But, I think Ari is doing a fine job, and in my opinion, deserves the positive kudos I've been seeing her get through various boards.
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