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Sep 16 2008, 09:28 PM
I have to chuckle at those bitchin' about her being Dena's favorite. As if Dena Higley is the first writer to play favorites. Or the first Power that be, for that matter. If it was Sami or Marlena or another member of the "sacred" families, would this even be a topic of conversation?
It was a topic of conversation with Sami, last summer, when Sheffer favored her in much the same way. I like Nicole too, but I think the issue is that a new head writer on Days comes into a show with a cast of characters at the ready, some of who are generally leads, and some of whom are generally supporting characters. Sheffer turned some of the supporting characters (such as Sami) into leads, and turned the leads (Hope, Marlena) into supporting characters. As ges's post pointed out, Higley is taking this one step further, and turning a new (returnee) character into a lead, while turning the lead characters into not only supporting charactes, but unlikeable ones at that. When a writer fills the show with her own cast and then 'dumbs down' the existing characters, I think there is cause for concern.
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