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Sep 16 2008, 10:54 PM
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It's not like they are taking Melanie and making her a lead.
But according to your argument, why would it be a problem if they did?
Because she just started. Nicole didn't. Lexie didn't. Kate didn't. I could go on but I won't. Characters who have been on for 5 years or more I think can be pushed as a lead in a story. I think after 5 years you can figure a character is ready for it and that the audience is comfortable with it.
Ok thanks - we'll have to agree to completely disagree (on both your posts, lol). I do not think having a character on x number of years makes the audience comfortable with him/her as a lead, nor do I think it makes the actor or actress ready for that role.
Ellie, perhaps what we disagree because I'm looking at this differently.

I think characters can fluctuate between lead and supporting depending on the story. For instance, say J&M lead a story for 6 months and then they are a part of a Bope story in the 6 months after that. They are lead but also go supporting when needed. What I'm saying is that some fans just refuse to let other characters lead even a story. I don't think the same characters have to always lead story. Let someone else have a chance once in awhile. It's refreshing to do that. If Bo and Hope lead story for 6 months, let them be supporting for awhile after that. Don't bombard us with the same characters consistently being lead nonstop. That is the issue with Days and why when characters like Abe and Lexie do lead a story, fans aren't ok with it. If Abe and Lexie were allowed to lead a story once in awhile, fans would be more receptive. Abe and Lexie were only allowed to lead one story and that was the baby switch but even in that story Lexie led and Abe was supporting.

I guess what I'm saying is balance it out. Characters like Sami, Nicole, Abe, EJ, Lexie, Kate, etc can lead a STORY. Can they lead a show? Probably not, at least not all of them. Yes, characters like Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena can lead a show, mostly because they are widely accepted by fans. However, to have them always lead and always get the big story is doing a disservice to the other characters and their fans and doing a major disservice to the show because other characters need to be allowed to grow and the only way they can is if they lead a story once in awhile. That way they grow and fans can get used to seeing the more.

I just wanted to clarify my position. We probably will still agree to disagree though LOL.
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