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Sep 16 2008, 10:25 PM
This seems like it's for a doctor's appointment for Nicole. As for this new 17 year old, I'm stumped. It makes it sound like someone for Melanie since she is that age. Perhaps Chick are being reunited quick? That would suck as a Chelsea/Nick/Melanie triangle would be interesting. I would think this was for Will but the details don't fit with him. Hmm...

Maybe the guy will simply just help be a foil for Mick? Right now Nick is feeling good because he probably feels confident between both Melanie and Chelsea. However, you bring in a good looking guy who gets Melanie's attention and I bet Nick's low self esteem kicks in again. I can't believe the show would be seriously trying to take two NEW characters like Melanie and this guy and make a real couple for him. He's got to just serve plot purposes (for now).

Plus, having Melanie hanging out with this guy would probably help draw Chick closer as I don't think Nick would be willing to take Chelsea back and only want friendship. But that's cause he thinks Melanie is interested in him. If she turns him down (probably) and hangs out with this guy, Nick could turn to Chelsea for support.

What I really don't want though, is this guy turning out to be Will. I don't want Will to return.
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