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Thanks Nelson Reilly! LOL

TVG: Did Days of our Lives contact you while you were off of Y&R? They certainly could have used your talent and star power! Or is that Kristen-Susan chapter officially closed for you?
ED: [Sighs] I think so. No, they didnít approach me, but I was definitely open to a return! Alas, I wasnít asked. Everything has its own time.

:flipoff: Corday!

I play Kristenís twin, Susan, [former head writer] James E. Reilly became inspired and went nuts with the whole thing!


TVG: Do you have any prime time and film aspirations? You certainly could do whatever you want out there, I would imagine.
ED: You know what? Iím still happy working in daytime, and Iíve been there and done that. The soap actresses I started my career with, who became big names, are no longer around. And Iím still here, so I finally realized: ďOh, I get it ó itís about longevity, not fame.Ē To be my age and still be working is amazing. Iím very grateful! God, donít I sound very positive these days? [Laughs]

Eileen Davidson is LOVE :wub2:

TVG: And youíre 49! You look freakiní amazing. You had your son, Jesse, who is 5, at 44. Has motherhood given you a new energy?
ED: No! Itís exhausting [laughs]! Iím always apologizing to my son, ďIím so sorry, your parents are old! I have to lie down now! Letís do thatÖ later!Ē [Laughs]

:o OMG! She looks so good for her age!!

TVG: Is the book completely fictional?
ED: Oh, yeah! I donít know any head writer who was murdered with an Emmy Award!

I'm so going to be reading her book!

TVG: Hey, donít give people any ideas! [Laughs] When I started reading the book, the head writer sounded a lot LML, so I got all excited. [/quote]


thanks again nelson! :wub2:
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