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Sep 17 2008, 06:12 AM
Sep 16 2008, 10:54 PM
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Sep 16 2008, 10:17 PM
It's not like they are taking Melanie and making her a lead.
But according to your argument, why would it be a problem if they did?
Because she just started. Nicole didn't. Lexie didn't. Kate didn't. I could go on but I won't. Characters who have been on for 5 years or more I think can be pushed as a lead in a story. I think after 5 years you can figure a character is ready for it and that the audience is comfortable with it.
Ok thanks - we'll have to agree to completely disagree (on both your posts, lol). I do not think having a character on x number of years makes the audience comfortable with him/her as a lead, nor do I think it makes the actor or actress ready for that role.
But, it's not like Ari/Nicole is getting a TON of negative backlash, at least on the boards. (And I know that's not a good measurement, but it's one we use). It's not like Chan, a couple that had quite a few people and columnists protesting against them. Nicole's stories and Ari's acting, in general, seem to be getting some good reviews. It doesn't seem like TPTB's are forcing her on us, despite "public" backlash.
I can't speak for the letters coming in, but frankly, it's refreshing to see someone different get the spotlight for once. And Nicole's got SO much garbage that can be fodder for a ton of terrific stories, in the right hands.
I think my answer to this post and to Tim's post that he and I are watching different shows would be the same, which is that yes, Nicole has gotten a positive reception, but in terms of my watching a 'different show' than Tim, the show I'm watching is unfortunately doing poorly in the ratings and seems to be in danger of cancellation. Why is that? I'm suggesting that one reason (and perhaps I didn't explain myself clearly) is not that Nicole has increased screen time, but that she seems to be the lead of the entire show lately, while the other (former) leads are playing characters which are unrecognizable, and that most of them are background characters at this point. Filling the show with characters like Nicole (and actresses like Ari) would definitely be a positive in my book. But instead, Higley has created only one such character, seemingly at the expense of the other characters.
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