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Sep 17 2008, 02:15 PM
It doesn't bother me that Kate isn't a smoker. I only recently learned that quite a few women get lung cancer even if they never smoke or are around smokers, which scared me because I fit that profile. Maybe they think it's a way to get that information out there. Granted, it will likely be as ham-handed as the green stuff in terms of being a PSA, but I have no problem with this being the disease they select. I kind of prefer a good old recognizable disease for a soap storyline, with no known cure, although probably Dr. Dan will come up with something.
I understand what you're saying, and I know that these diseases don't discriminate. If Days even does PSA-type stuff with this, I'll be impressed. But with Higley's history, my feeling is that she'll ignore the 'education' issue here entirely. When Days does PSA stories, we know about it. The stars give interviews about going green. People wear green t-shirts to the gym. Autism experts give interviews to the media and collaborate with the writers. Perhaps they'll go that route here, but I don't think they will. Which leaves us with the fact that, if Days doesn't make the point to educate viewers about cancer, it'll just be another random Dena storyline without buildup beforehand or fallout afterwards.
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