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Sep 17 2008, 01:12 PM
Sep 16 2008, 10:17 PM
I don't care if the character just returned. She was only gone for two damn years, if that. She was with the show for 8 years. More importantly she was recently with the show so she is familiar to most of the audience still watching the show. The actress can act circles around many in the cast. She has chemistry with everyone and has no core ties, meaning you can put her almost anywhere and not have to worry about incest or shit like that.

It's not like they are taking Melanie and making her a lead. Nicole is ready and if the actress can handle it and the character is worthy, it doesn't matter. The story potential is there and that is what matters. This is a daytime drama. It's an ensemble. Lead characters can lead a story but so can supporting characters. No character should be relegated permanently to lead or supporting. A character can lead at one time and support the next. That is the way it should be and the way it was accepted for a long time until the last decade. Now, primarily with Days, only certain characters are permitted by many fans to lead. Well, let's turn this around, how would J&M fans like it if J&M were relegated to supporting in the 80's and never allowed to lead a story? How about the Bo and Hope fans? Or the Steve and Kayla fans? How do you think the Mickey/Maggie, Doug/Julie, etc fans felt when their couples were shoved off the frontburner in favor of the current supercouples? How do you think fans of Abe/Lexie and other "supporting" couples or characters feel knowing their faves will never be able to lead story for long since fanbases will likely force Corday's hand? How fair is that? Simple. It's not. Some characters are more important then others for sure and some will drive more story then others but putting a permanent label on characters is not only unfair IMO but a major slap in the face to the actors who play these "supporting" characters and do their best in every scene.

This is a daytime drama. And ENSEMBLE. It's not the damn supercouple hour or whatever pleases this fanbase or that. It's this kind of fan selfishness that is just as much a part of why the show is a mess as Higley, Corday, and what have you. Just once I would like to see each fanbase put aside their differences and make their case for what is best for the whole show. By that I mean present ideas for other character and couples and not just who you like. It's time many start recognizing that what one person or group wants is not the same for everyone.

Great post! Characters are evolving in time and with the different writers. When writer gets a character he can make him perfectly enjoyable, loved by everyone and put in the lead, while a different writer can take the same character and in a few months turn him into a hated, annoying bore. Higley gets Nicol so Iīm not complaining when she is giving her more space. Ari certainly deserves that.

As for the Sami/Nicol debate, Ali is half gone from the show right now, her taping schedule is limited and she will be gone completely soon for her maternity leave. The show will have to adress it anyway so no wonder they are focusing more on Ejole than Ejami. And letīs face it. Sami was everyone fan favorite when she was bad and scheming black sheap of Bradyīs, but her transition into the lead and heroine really didnīt work well and both her and the writers are struggling with the new Sami. I think a lot of people will not mind at all if she takes a pause for a few months.

Exactly. Brilliant post, jane :hail: .
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