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Sep 17 2008, 02:47 PM
Well, people were worried about her having a mystery illness. At least this time we got a name and it's something relatable. You don't have to be around people who smoke nor do you have to smoke to get lung cancer (that is actually a big misconception) so I don't think it's out of the blue. They at least built up to this the past few weeks.

I also don't think this will be an event. I have a feeling this will have a major impact on Philip, Lucas, Chelsea, and even Daniel. I also think the whole purpose of Stefano proposing to Kate was to tie in with this. She will marry Stefano, thinking she is dying anyway and she can protect her kids and secure their future My feeling is she doesn't tell Stefano she is dying. Meanwhile, Daniel treats her in secret, they bond, and away we go.

Do I think this is Koslow's exit story? Not sure. I hate to say this but in a way I wish it was. I feel like Days needs to kill someone major just to bring suspense and a feeling that anyone can still die for real back. I love Lauren and I am happy she is getting this story. I hope she doesn't go but I won't be upset if she does, especially since up until now she was basically in the same story over and over.
Everything you've just outlined as a s/l sounds great. Too bad you're not writing the show and Dena is. :hmmph: I'm not being sarcastic, I am DEAD serious.
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