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Sep 17 2008, 03:15 PM
Sep 17 2008, 02:59 PM
Sep 17 2008, 02:47 PM
They at least built up to this the past few weeks.
By having her cough a few times? I agree with you that this *should* impact the people you mention. However, did they build up to that at all? No. Buildup does not mean giving a person a predisposition to having a disease. It means putting certain elements in place in the lives of the characters. If a random illness like this is going to occur, then imo they should make a point of telling the viewers that (as you're saying Tim) one does not have to smoke to get lung cancer. But also, the pieces should be put in place beforehand so that the ripple effects begin right away and continue throughout the story. With good writers, something like this can take months to a year to set up. I don't think that's happened here so far, and I don't expect it to happen soon either.
Why would they need to?

Why must a writer give a viewer everything? Yes, the important things are needed but you don't need to mention that you don't to smoke to get lung cancer. People bitch now about how the autism story chucks out details like that left and right. If you feed them info on this, they will just roll their eyes. The show is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Perhaps the show should tell the viewer whether they do a #1 or #2 when they go to the bathroom since the viewer apparently needs to be fed everything.

As for the buildup, the coughing is buildup. The fact that Kate's company and how well iit was going was such a focus early this month was buildup. Chelsea and Kate's tension, Stefano's proposal, Kate arguing with Lucas and Philip about her meddling, Kate/Daniel...there has been plenty of buildup. All of the elements are there. There is no need to spend months to a year on something. Now that would be boring. The show needs to be fast paced. The slow pace just does not work. Ask Y&R. They had to change their pace too. Fans won't stick around for weeks or months of buildup.

Sometimes I wonder if people watch the whole show or watch everyday. If you don't, that's fine but it's hard to judge everything when you don't.
Now lets not go to extremes, Tim. That's going a little overboard because you know what people are talking about. If you're going to tell a story like this then you need to cover all of the facts and you need to cover everything. Look at the most famous PSA-style stroylines of the past, primarily on General Hospital. They covered all their grounds. Did they sound preachy at times? Yes, but you kind of have to and there's no way aruond it when you're telling a storyline like this on television.
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