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Morgan walks in on Philip kissing Chloe.

Hell yeah! :rockon:

Philip all of a sudden realizes that he still has feelings for Chloe. Now THAT is a glaring re-write. Not to say he didn't but we have had no hint of that since June. The show should've just threw in a occasional Phloe scene to make things easier.

I feel like the show has. I know this because it's all I've had to cling to. LOL They had a VERY emotional scene after the Lucas revelation outside the Pub, where you could tell how much was going on beneath the surface, how much they had to talk about, but didn't.

Then Chloe came to Philip's bedside after he'd been shot - very reminiscent of the last time she sat by him in Puerto Rico. She expressed a lot of regret over not fighting for him. Then Chloe offers to back off if Morgan will make Philip happy - I think because she loved him enough to let him go.

Then we had Philip in the hospital when everybody was trapped - Nicole asked him if he was over Chloe and he shook his head no and then said it didn't matter, he didn't deserve her (this while he was supposedly with Morgan).

Not to mention the film noir stuff with the early Phloe nods.

So while it hasn't been everything I could have asked/hope for angst-wise, I do think that the show has kept that connection up.
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