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Sep 17 2008, 07:46 PM
Sep 17 2008, 07:44 PM
This is too easy. Sami and Nicole will miraculously give birth on the same day despite being knocked up months apart. One of the babies will "die" and the mother will pull a switcheroo and make it look like it was the other woman's child and take the other baby as her own. Weeks/months later it will be revealed that the baby didn't really die but was taken by (say it with me) Stefano for some reason or another. This will all come out in the open just as EJ and the mother who stole the baby are exchanging I love yous, or possibly wedding vows. And, if there is a real kicker, it will be revealed that the reason that Stefano didn't steal the other baby is that EJ is not really the father and there will be a retcon of that mother's sex life to reveal that she had a secret rendevous (okay, I can't spell that word) with Lucas or Daniel depending on how it all works out.
Or with a turkey baster.

Seriously, I bet your scenario is pretty close.

I'll see your sigh and raise you an eyeroll. ;)
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