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^^ Tim, I don't think we're going to reach common ground on this, because we're not coming from the same perspective. I am not basing my thoughts on numbers or episode statistics. When I say "background", I don't necessarily mean number of episodes. Let's take Bo and Hope. In my opinion, many viewers are invested in Bo and Hope as characters. Bo and Hope could carry a long-term lead story on the show. But the way they're written now, it's almost like weekly sitcom episodes. Bo gets sick. He gets better. They renew their vows. That's over. Bo has issues at work. Hope's promoted. This is exactly what I mean by 'background'. Their story is not central to the show. They have no long-term storyline, unlike let's say, Nicole. It's been posted here many times that Nicole seems to be the only character for whom Higley has a long-term vision.

As for the issue of the characters themselves, I agree completely with ges's excellent post earlier in the thread. Nicole is written as infallible. She's strong, intelligent and powerful, while many of the other characters (particularly the women imo) are often written as indecisive doormats.
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