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Slimy Trent gets what's coming to him this week, when he turns up dead and Max turns up covered in his blood. "Max is fed up with Trent," says Darin Brooks (Max). "And sometimes violence is the only answer."

Trent's demise is set in motion after Melanie confronts him at the Pub and tells him he deserves to die. Max, of course, is right there, supporting his sister. "He threatens Trent a little bit," notes Brooks. "Max wants him out of his and Melanie's lives. Trent ruins everything he touches. He hurts everyone. Max tells Trent to leave town."

Trent refuses to go, which only incenses Max. Then he starts "belittling Max and Melanie," shares Brooks. "Max can't believe Trent is treating them this way. It's crazy. He says he won't be satisfied until Trent is out of their lives."

Caroline gets Max to cool down, albeit temporarily. But things escalate later, when Trent summons Melanie to his hotel room and she heads there with Max. Desperate to repay another debt to Claude, Trent asks Melanie to set things right with him.

"Max is furious, especially after what happened on the boat, when Claude tried to get touchy-feely with Melanie," admits Brooks. "He's like, 'Hell, no!' Max, the punching wonder, goes off the deep end again. He and Trent get into a scuffle. Things get physical. Then Melanie and Max both tell Trent they are done with him and leave.

Later, Max returns home wearing a bloody shirt and rushes up to his room to change out of it. Moments later, Stephanie arrives and notices scratches and bruises on Max's shoulder. "Max, of course, knows where they came from, but doesn't say anything," recounts Brooks. "He makes a joke out of it, calling Stephanie 'a real tiger.'

But when Max heads off to the shower and Stephanie happens upon the bloody shirt he hid, the jig is up. "Stephanie wants to know whose blood is on Max's shirt," says Brooks, noting Max admits some of it is Trent's. "He says he ran in to Trent at his pop's grave, they had words and got into a fight."

Meanwhile, at that very grave Bo and Hope hear a scream and find Caroline holding a bloody knife over Trent's dead body. "It's a who-done-it," declares Brooks, who firmly believes Max is capable of taking his father out. "It might have been his last resort to protect his family, his sister, his girlfriend... Trent wouldn't leave town. So there's a good possibility Max did kill him."

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